About the Founder

Late Mr. Jude Oyebog,

the proprietor of St. Jude's training schools hails from oshie village in Momo Division, North West Region, Republic of Cameroon. In 1978, he obtained his GCE Ordinary level followed by GCE Advanced level from St. Joseph College Sasse, Cameroon. From 1980-1983, he attended the university of Wisconsin, Stevens point U.S.A. Thereafter Mr. Oyebog worked at several health care facilities in Boston Massachusets and several car dealerships in Denver Colorado. His entrepreneurial spirits originated in Denver as owner of New Concepts Thrift Stores- a supermarket hosted within 3000 sq feet in the Aurora Shopping Center. Late Mr. Jude Oyebog's virtues are very Simple – Honesty, Integrity, practicability, Humanity and Moderacy. Mr Oyebog returned to Cameroon in the year 2000. Mr. Oyebog labored tenaciously with an abiding faith and incurble optimism yo fight poverty in his country Cameroon through his efforts inside the various schools he is manning St. Jude's Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical Studies, St. Jude's Nursery and Primary School- Sisia 1 Cameroon, St. Jude's Nursing and Bilingual Vocational Training Centre- Buea Cameroon, St. Jude's Nursery and Primary School- Bali Cameroon and Millennium Polytechnic Higher Institute Yaounde/Douala.