About Us

St. Jude University Institute commonly known as St. Jude's Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical Studies was created 27th September 2007 with authorization no. 07/0144/MINESUP du 27th September 2007 Prime Minister office Visa 002997 of 2nd September 2007 / 003002 of 20th September 2007 Yaounde / 10494. St. Jude Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical Studies graduated its first HND batch in 2012 and has graduated over 10 batches in it's domains. St. Jude Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical Studies due to its advancement it has branches all over the nation.

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Entry Qualification

(1) Bachelor's Degree
(2) GCE Advance Level or Equivalent
(3) GCE Ordinary Level or Equivalent.

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Admission Requirements

- Registration Fees: 15,500CFA - Complete or Partial Fees Payment
- Copies of Credential
- 3 Passport Size Photographs
- 2 Plastic Files

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Course Details

• Requirements: ‘O’ Level/BAC
• Duration: 1 – 2 years
• Fee: 190.000Frs CFA
• International Students: $900.00US

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HND & Degree Programs

St. Jude Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical Studies offers both HND & Degree Programs at our branches St. Jude University Institute Bamenda, St. Jude University Institute Buea and Millennium Polytechnic Higher Institute Yaounde/Douala. These programs include : Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician, Midwifery, Dietetics, Pharmacy Technology, Health Care Management, Banking, Finance just to name a few . It has graduated over 10 batches in these domains.

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Professionalism, morality, excellence, quality, safety and legality are principles embodied within the rules and regulations laid down by St. Jude’s Higher Institute of Nursing & Biomedical Studies for ultimate compliance by every student.
Article I: DRESS CODE:
1. Females: White gown, hair scarf, hard top or sandals.
2. Male: White jacket, brown trousers, hard top shoes or sandals.
3. Both: Two white school T-shirts, white trousers.
1. Morning Devotion: 7: 45am Classes starts at 8:00am
2. Tardiness or absenteeism will attract sanctions determined by re – occurrences.

1. Fee payment schedule must be respected. Non compliance is frowned at, irrespective of the reason.
2. School fees shall be paid in to the school account. An original receipt from the bank given to the school bursary will authenticate payment.
3. Other dues such as registration, internship, graduation fees etc can be paid directly to the school bursary.
4. Fee paid in to the school bursary is non refundable or non interchangeable.

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